Goblet drums

Karen der; Lahu jae gho; Akha thang; Khamu briing; also played by Palaung, Tai Lue and others

collection Victoria Vorreiter

The most common form of drum.

A single animal skin (mostly buffalo) membrane attached and made tense with a set of laced ropes. made from a soft wood and a stretched animal hide, usually buffalo and is used in ensembles with gongs and cymbals to accompany formal dances for festivals and on holy days. It is struck with the open hands and held tending toward the horizontal. A weight is often made from a mixture of beeswax and ash or other material and attached to the centre of the drum to tune it and produce the correct tone.

Black Lahu

Karen musician Maela Noi

Thai klawng yao played by Tai Lue and Palaung

Akha drummer Tachilek

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