Lahu notch flute

Black Lahu player

Lahu notch flute (lekhachui, taelaekui, totolae)

a thin bamboo tube open at both ends (the length varies from 20 cm. to 60 cm.) with from 2 to 5 finger holes (no thumb hole). A notch is cut at the top of the tube- both this notch and the finger holes are rectangular.


finger holes

They have a soft sweet breathy sound and are mostly played solo, traditionally for courting when they could join in an antiphonal duet, the men playing the flute, the girl singing in reply. As was often the case, the phrases played by the flute corresponded to phrases in speech. They are still popular for entertainment. Like most other Lahu instruments they can be played by men or women.

Lahu notch flutes Baan Jalae

Red Lahu musician

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