Akha percussive tubes

Akha ho dii also traditionally used by the Khamu (Lamet)

Akha men returning from a hunt (photo Victoria Vorreiter)

bamboo tubes, closed by the natural nodes (?), struck with wooden sticks, making a deep note. A groove is cut in the middle of the tube with, in the larger tubes,  two round holes to project the sound. Made and played by hunters returning to their village to announce a successful kill. The first one, the smallest, is held vertically, the others are slung round the neck and held horizontally.

Victoria Vorreiter collection

Izikowitz reports that these beaters were used both by Akha Pouli and Khamu (Lamet) after a kill to ward off the spirits of the slain animal. The shape he shows, however, is that of a bamboo tube the lower end of which has been cut out in the form of a long tongue.

Victoria Vorreiter collection

Victoria Vorreiter collection

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