Percussion sticks

used by Shan, Kayah, Mlabri, Htin, Akha, Khamu

Shan man using sticks to accompany his dance

In the Shan instrument a node is left at one end, the other end being open and part of the wall of the tube cut away. The tubes, often tuned a third apart,  are struck together while the player executes an acrobatic dance.

Shan man cutting sticks

In the Htin harvest ceremony held in August, a group of musicians (women from the village) beat short bamboo together to accompany a dance. No other instruments are used and there is no singing. There are five different rhythms each associated with a different dance. The Hrin people I spoke to told me that this was the only traditional music of the Htin in Thailand..The bamboo sticks are cut fresh each year and they must not be played outside the festival. Those that are not broken or destroyed are hung from a banana plant and regarded as sacred (even by Christian Htin).

Mlabri musicians

short bamboo tubes- the hollow ends are struck together to give a low-pitched sound and accompany singing.

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