Stamping tubes

Akha bau chung, Khamu dong, also used by Tai Dam and Lisu

Akha stamping tubes

bamboo tubes ranging from @ 80×8 cm. to 110×8 cm. Traditionally Akha women beat them on a pigs’ trough or a sounding board (tei bia). The tradition springs from the custom of bringing food to the pigs in bamboo tubes.

Akha song performance with stamping tubes

The tubes are pounded on a piece of wood on ceremonial occasions such as welcoming visitors, celebrating the New Year or praying for a successful rice harvest. The tubes can accompany singing and dancing and are often joined by other percussion instruments.

collection Victoria Vorreiter

Khamu song performance with stamping tubes

The Khamu also use them in festivities such as when buffaloes are sacrificed. The tubes are @150x 6-8 cm. cut from fresh bamboo.One node is left near the bottom of the tubes, the others being knocked out. They are usually played in groups of three and are let fall in a loose synchronisation. The tubes used are similar to those for carrying water.

Tai Dam decorated bamboo beaters

Lisu bamboo tubes used in animist ceremonies

Lisu ……….. are used in several ceremonies. Bamboo tubes are cut from 15 to 24 inches above a natural note and played in pairs, tuned a fourth or a fifth apart.

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