Khamu fiddle

Khamu tnheek

“One string spike fiddle; the body of the instrument is a short babmoo tube about 10cms long and 5 cms in diameter with a wooden neck about 45 cms long inserted diametically through the walls of the tube, leaving a short nub protruding at the bottom. The face is made from thin wood or the dried sheath of a banana leaf. A single string is strateched from the nub across a small wooden bridge and fastened to a tuning peg at the end of the neck. A cord is attached along the neck near the tuning peg to hold the string parallel to the neck. It is played with a small bow of hair or bamboo fibres stretched between two ends of a piece of bamboo”.

The tnheek can be played solo or to accompany singing. The bow is sometimes used to strike the string or even the skin top of the resonator, making the instrument percussive rather than melodic. The instrument is very close to the Karen one string fiddle

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